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Destination z offers a one-stop shop for all things mainframe

7/16/2012 9:36:01 AM | Doug-Balog-low-res-(2).jpgThank you for visiting the Destination z community site.

With the IBM zEnterprise System, the mainframe has continued its evolution. The hybrid platform delivers new innovation while leveraging our rich history. We've extended systems management across the data center, while sharing the classic strengths of the mainframe with workloads running on IBM System x blades, Power Systems blades and DataPower blades. We've also continued to expand the platform reach so clients can consolidate Linux workloads, deploy enterprise clouds and make business decisions based on real-time analytics and data.

Yet another integral component that adds value to the IBM mainframe is its strong, vigorous System z ecosystem, including focus by academia around new zEnterprise skills. You're here because you understand or are interested in that value, which can address today's most pressing IT challenges. So whether you're an IBMer, IBM System z partner, client, academia or mainframe enthusiast, I hope you'll join the conversation and make use of the many resources available here on Destination z.  

I'm glad you stopped by. Thank you for your dedication to System z and for visiting this community to learn, collaborate and share your expertise.

Doug Balog
General Manager
IBM System z 

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