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Threat Protection Team

The IBM X-Force Exchange is a threat intelligence platform that allows users to stay informed and collaborate with peers

9/28/2016 12:30:03 AM | IBM X-Force security allows users to streamline threat intelligence easily. Known as one of the most renowned commercial security research and development teams in the world, reports are compiled by security professionals and IBM researchers who study malware and other potential security risks to help the public better understand the latest security risks as a preemptive approach to internet security. The data used in the threat intelligence resources the group publishes is collected through a database of malware samples collected daily to better understand the latest security risks and stay ahead of the emerging threats to enterprises.

Collaborative Information and Improvements

The X-Force changes the way analysts share and research threat intelligence by providing the data they find through their reports in the IBM X-Force Exchange, a cloud-based, threat-intelligence sharing platform where users can research global security threats, combine actionable intelligence and collaborate with peers.

The service features accurate and reliable intelligence data on a platform that is simple yet powerful. Users can search and share information provided by combining machine-generated data from crawler robots, honeypots, darknets, spam traps and other similar services with human-generated context added by security experts and professionals. This data is then made searchable and can be annotated, aggregated and integrated into third-party software so it’s easy for customers to use the data to protect their companies and machines from internal and external threats.

IBM X-Force Exchange relies on user-generated feedback to improve their software. In the website’s side column, users can find an option that allows collaboration directly with the service’s product development team to request new features or improvements to old ones. Users can also access the site’s forums and interact with other members to find solutions to problems they are experiencing or post answers to problems that others are having. The data collected in these places where its customers interact can be used to improve future content updates and insight into the future of threat protection.

See the IBM X-Force Exchange in action and watch a video on how using the platform simplifies security decision making.

Cory Witt is a former intern at Destination z.

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