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IBM Redbooks: IBM z13 Technical Guide

2/23/2015 6:00:22 AM | This IBM Redbooks publication is a technical introductory guide that provides information and planning advice about the IBM z13 and its functions, features and associated software support. 

From the abstract, "this IBM Redbooks publication addresses the new IBM mainframe, the IBM z13. The
IBM z13 is the trusted enterprise platform for integrating data, transactions and insight. A data
centric infrastructure must always be available for a 24-7-365 business, have flawless data
integrity and be secured from misuse. It needs to be an integrated infrastructure that can
support new applications. It needs to have integrated capabilities that can provide new
mobile capabilities with real time analytics delivered by a secure cloud infrastructure."

Find out more about the “IBM z13 Technical Guide” (SG24-8251) and get the book.

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