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VDennis - 2/24/2014 3:02:27 PM
Will a skills shortage hurt the mainframe?
According to results of an "independent global CIO survey investigating the use of the mainframe within the enterprise" announced recently by technology company Compuware, few executives are prepared for the shortage.

The survey notes 40 percent of CIOs admit they have not created a formal plan to deal with the reduced workforce, even though 66 percent of CIOs fear that the impending retirement of the mainframe workforce will hurt their business by reducing their ability to support legacy applications. But the mainframe isn't going away, as 81 percent of CIOs believe it will be a key business asset in the coming decade.

What can be done within the mainframe community and workforce to strengthen plans for the future? Knowing these results, will you change how you do business or market yourself career-wise?

Read the release of the survey findings here.