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VDennis - 8/22/2016 4:29:38 PM
Security Testing Group: “X-Force Red”
IBM Security announced the formation of IBM X-Force Red, a group of security professionals and ethical hackers whose goal is to help businesses discover vulnerabilities in their computer networks, hardware, and software applications before cybercriminals do. The team, part of IBM Security Services, will also examine human security vulnerabilities in daily processes and procedures that attackers often use to circumvent security controls.

BM X-Force Red’s four focus areas are:

Application – Penetration testing and source code review to identify security vulnerabilities in web, mobile, terminal, mainframe, and middleware platforms
Network – Penetration testing of internal, external, wireless, and other radio frequencies
Hardware – Verifying the security between the digital and physical realms by testing Internet of Things (IoT), wearable devices, point-of-sale (PoS) systems, ATMs, automotive systems, and self-checkout kiosks
Human – Performing simulations of phishing campaigns, social engineering, ransomware, and physical security violations to determine risks of human behavior

Is security a concern to you or your organization? Leave your thoughts in the thread below.

Read more about IBM X-Force Red in the news release.