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DestinationZ - 12/25/2016 5:55:21 AM
zoom 2.0
The zoom 2.0 package is now available on SourceForge at:

It is an open source systems management tool designed specifically for z/VM and Linux on the mainframe. If you have z/VM and mainframe hardware, it should allow you to easily do "Private Cloud".

It adds (or removes) the following function from zoom 1.24:
1) 'Node-groups' have been replaced with a simpler two-level grouping mechanism with the first level based on Linux groups.
2) Quotas for virtual CPUs and memory by group have been added - administrators can set quotas.
3) The ability to specify a single zoom user which simplifies SSH key management
4) SMAPI is now required if operations are to be performed, previously it was optional
5) Linux Systems are now locked when operations are being performed on them.
6) The creation and expiration day of Linux systems are maintained and can be configured.
7) Event logging is now centralized on a primary server and duplicated if a second server exists.
8) 'Appliances' in OVF format have been replaced with user exits for 'Build', 'Rebuild' and 'Destroy'.
9) The RESTful API has been significantly enhanced and is now driven by a single input file.
10) "The zoom Cookbook" 180 page PDF is updated with all the details.

On the down side, the Web UI is now deprecated as it is "data-structure-centric".

Also: The RESTful API is a great mechanism for driving a regression test. To improve code quality a regression test has been written and is being employed. A sample script and input file have been added. See regrtest and regrtest.input in the /usr/local/share/zoom/ directory.

I hope this helps the community.