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Mike Westholder - 6/23/2011 8:55:37 AM
A Message From The Editor

Welcome Destination z members!

If you have not yet joined, please visit the membership page. Membership includes some exclusive benefits that you will see only if you receive the DzInsider enewsletter. How do you get the DzInsider enewsletter? – Sign up now!

The concept of a forum has been around for many years, so I’m sure this is nothing new to the mainframe community. What sets us apart is the all-inclusive nature of This is not just a mainframe forum or a mainframe news site, it’s all things mainframe converging in one place.

Enjoy your time here and visit this online community often!

Mike Westholder
Site Editor

P.S. Below is a condensed version of the legal stuff -

The forum exists as an active resource for the community of Destination z members. Please be considerate and maintain professionalism in any post you author. The Community Guidelines thread provides an in-depth description regarding community conduct.

Be aware that any information posted is considered open for use by any visitor to the website. Therefore, do not post any information that cannot be reproduced without consent.

Simply put, the rules are common sense, the forum is moderated and monitored at the discretion of Destination z principals. By registering a username and password, you agree to the full terms of service.
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