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greg.flohr - 4/25/2013 11:00:26 AM
REXX / SMF / DB2 - How are they related?
Many shops have software to parse through their SMF records and generate graphs and trending data, diagnose problems, etc. There are other approaches if you do not have specialize software available. I have found that REXX works very nicely for parsing SMF records. Basically, I would write a parsing program for each SMF record type I am interested in and have the REXX write the data directly to a DB2 table. Once this data is parsed and populated in DB2, I then set MS Excel on top of the DB2 Table and utilize the powerful PivotTable functionality in Excel. This has proven to be extremely powerful and a quick and "free" way to generate trending data and charts, help to diagnose problems, and other analytical uses. Some of the Data Types that were most useful were RMF data (Types 70-78), DB2 package and plan stats from Types 100-102, WAS 120 subtype 9 records for detailed CPU metrics of our Java applications.

Benefits: "Free" (Time, MS Excel, etc. are all costs), Easy, focus on only the data that you want, and other great uses.
Disadvantage: Takes time to write, A lower level language may prove to be more efficient.

I found this technique to be very useful for us and thought that you may find this method useful. Enjoy!