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Oucheeeeee - 11/29/2012 11:54:09 PM
System Automation & zOS Unix System Services processes
Hi all,

How can System Automation determine the previous end status of a Unix Process?

We need to run different scripts depending on whether a Unix task ended normally (runscript1) or abnormally (runscript2).

Now how to do this for MVS tasks, but how about for Unix tasks?

All help gladly received.

Many thx

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Markn - 1/11/2013 6:34:18 AM
RE:System Automation & zOS Unix System Services processes

There is a public System Automation for z/OS forum, on Yahoo groups. It is actively used by development and end users of the automation product. Look for the SAUSERS Yahoo group.

To your question. If a USS resource is found not to be running, by the System Automation USS monitor routine, (assuming USS automation has been configured) the application will be placed into a final state STOPPED, BROKEN or RESTART status, it may also enter the transient state, STOPPING or BREAKING. In the message user data specifications you can code a message ID, for each of these statuses, and enter any command/actions that you want to occur if this happens.

Automation may not know why it stopped, but the process will no longer be found by the AOFUXMON monitor routine, which will cause the status to change from UP, to STOPPED or BROKEN or RESTART.