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Dealing With the Uncertainty of Big Data Security

With the amount of data being produced, we need to figure out how secure is secure enough

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Chief Strategist

Mainframe Analytics ltd.

Years in IT—

My first mainframe job—
CICS Systems Programmer for the Government of Alberta

My favorite mainframe memory—
My favorite mainframe memories have in common the element of discovering excellence. From my first day on the job learning about mainframes in 1987 up until the present day, I keep discovering new ways that the mainframe platform and ecosystem embody the best of human history, technology, wisdom, responsibility and quality. Whether it’s the foundational architecture of the mainframe, the culture from which it grew and which remains its context, the amazing people that keep it running, or any of the endless new technologies that find their highest expression on this platform, my search for excellence is constantly being rewarded and delighted in ways no other computing platform touches.

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