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Mobile Workload Pricing for the System z platform can save money as usage increases

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Member Spotlight

Senior Systems Programmer (retired, buried and then exhumed)

Lloyds Insurance, Construction, Manufacturing (3M in the U.K.), Retail (Marks and Spencer)

Years in IT—
Employed-34, buried-4, exhumed to develop z390-9), GSE(UK) Conference Planning and teaching Assembler-3

My first mainframe job—
1401 Autocoder programmer (age 16...yeh), operator for 5-ton tabulators and then programmer for the wondrous IBM 360/20

My favorite mainframe memory—
Being told to write a payroll for a construction firm. 20,000 manual workers paid weekly in cash. Pay envelopes, management reports, cash analysis, etc. All done on a card-based 8K IBM 360/20!

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